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A personalized training experience.

Come. Sit. Stay. Leave trained!


Our experienced trainer, Elena Gannett, uses positive reinforcement based methods with an emphasis on canine body language and psychology. The goal is to understand why dogs are misbehaving so we can find the long-term solution.


5 hours of private, 1-on-1 training included


Puppy Start

8 weeks - 8 months

  • Socialization: confidence building, places, people, dogs, surfaces, sounds

  • Obedience: learn name, walking on leash, sit, down, heel, come, place, crate, leave it

  • Manners: potty training, crate training, no jumping


Young Dog

6 Months and Older

  • Socialization: confidence building, places, people, dogs, surfaces, sounds

  • Obedience: focus, sit, down, stay, heel with auto-sit, come, place, crate, wait, leave it, no (on a distance 

    and with distractions)
  • Manners: no jumping, doorbell, in public


Hyperactive and Reactive Dogs

Any Age

We work individually with your dog to build up tools for calming down and impulse control with different level of distractions.

$120/per hr

Custom & Private Training

Fully customized training available for your goals, time frame and budget.



I love dogs and dog training. That’s my life.
I am active Schutzhund (IPO/IGP) sportsman, training decoy, training director of a local Schutzhund club
and a proud owner of two German shepherds (show and working lines) and mini dachshund.

I started training dogs in Russia when I was a kid. I had couple mix-breed dogs that I was taking to
obedience classes. Then came a long period of time without dogs but I always felt that I was missing something.

After my beach-volley career was over, I got back to dog training. I read tons of books, watched videos,
learned different training systems, visited a lot of seminars with the most successful trainers and
sportsmen. I have itled dogs in CGC, BH and Schutzhund (with best Obedience in trial) and helped many owners to train their dogs and solve behavioral problems.

My goal is to help owners better understand their dogs, learn to read them and communicate with them to make everybody’s life easier and happier.


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