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The Free Range Boarding

Our hotel was designed to maximize your dog's comfort, in a home-like setting with a huge, fenced outdoor play area


  • Constant noise can make dogs anxious. Our suites are solidly built from floor to ceiling with sound-dampening insulation between rooms.

  • Air quality is important for your pet's health. Each suite has it's own ventilation with 24 air exchanges per hour to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

  • To keep stress at a minimum, our suite doors are solid core to prevent dogs from seeing each other during rest periods.

  • Our outdoor play area is a safe, fenced exploration wonderland for your pet. Our  22,000 sq. ft. play area has plenty of room for your dog to stretch her legs and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Free Range Boarding invites you to tour our facility. We have an open door policy and no area of our facility is off limits.

Dog Evaluations

Our evaluation process starts with our online registration questionnaire and is followed up by an in-person private evaluation for each dog.


Not all dogs are suited for boarding and social play groups. As such, this process allows us to determine which dogs enjoy our facility and which would be better suited for in-home care.


This process ensures that all dogs in our care are as safe, happy, healthy and relaxed as possible.

Low Staff-to-Dog Ratio

Free Range Boarding will never have more than 1 staff member to 15 dogs. Our dog guests adjust to our facility quickly. Dogs are safer and happier with lots of interaction with staff and outdoor play time.


Most facilities in the greater Spokane area have a very high staff to dog ratio of 1 staff member to 60+ dogs.

Highly Trained Staff

Each staff member is extensively trained in all aspects of dog body language, behavior, and social play.


Your dog's safety and well-being is our priority. Many of our staff have Pet CPR and First Aid Certifications.



Get in touch to find out more about our services or to schedule a tour.

3622 E Willow Springs Rd
Spokane WA United States 99223-9639

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