Training a Puppy
German Shepherd


We are here to make your dog the best version of themselves

We offer Board & Train services and also Private Training education for dogs and their people.


Our experienced trainer, Elena Gannett, uses positive reinforcement based methods with an emphasis on canine body language and psychology. The goal is to understand why dogs are misbehaving so we can find the long-term solution.


Training Options:

  • basic obedience

  • healthy puppy foundations

  • socialization

  • impulse control

  • leash training

  • reactiveness

  • anxiety

Check out our amenities to add a special treat to reward your dog for a job well done.



I love dogs and dog training, they're my life.

Along with being the lead trainer at Free Range Boarding, I am also the Training Director of a local Schutzhund club and an active Schutzhund (IPO/IGP) sportsman and training decoy. I am also the proud owner of two German Shepherds (show and working lines) and a mini dachshund.

I started training dogs in Russia when I was a child. I had a couple mixed-breed dogs that I was taking to obedience classes. After that period I was without a dog in my life for quite some time. I always felt like something was missing.

When I ended my beach volleyball career, I decided to take up dog training again. I read tons of books, watched training videos, learned different training methods and attended a lot of seminars taught by the most successful trainers and sportsman.

I have trained my dogs to achieve titles in CGC, BH and Schutzhund (with best in Obedience trial). I have also helped numerous owners train their dogs and help solve behavior problems.

My goal is to help owners better understand their dogs, learn to read their body language and communicate with them in a way that makes everyone's life more enjoyable. 

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